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    Twenty two-year-old, rapper, artist, RoverBoyz founder and Denver native, LALO fuses the foundation of traditional Hip-Hop with alternative genres. Pronounced lay-low, his stage name derives itself from two influential things in LALO’s life; his love of the city of angels and his given name. 

    Music found LALO early in life. The song “Yeah”! By Usher initially inspired his five-year-old self, even making him want to piece his ears and get big diamond earings, but his parents say he was always rhyming. That early skill took flight, and soon, he was writing and recording his own songs. In 2015, LALO, then only known by his given name, released his first record, “I Am.” From that initial release, LALO formed the record label RoverBoyz Entertainment and began to collaborate with other artist such as Dreyvid, Caily Christine and longbvns, all while continuing to expand his own catalog. He says, “I started RoverBoyz to have people with original music like me come together. Everyone who is apart of this group makes it better than it was in the beginning with diverse material that is loved by many people.” 


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The Official LALO



"Hunting Wendigos is LALO’s latest release. Over the course of nine songs the artist blurs lines and defies description. His songs are personal narratives that freely shift between fantasy and reality. The songs are smart. The subject matter is sometimes fun, sometimes dark, and often both.

Hip-hop has always been about speaking truth through fiction and hyperbole. LALO embraces the concept, to great effect. Paranormal themes arise throughout the record. Ghosts and monsters abound. The album’s title for instance is a reference to man-eating monster from Native American mythology." (Static Dive, Smith, 2019) 

"With his talents already proven in releases like 'Mirage and Specter‘ and ‘The Month for Skeletons and Ghosts’, LALO has set his sights on a more personal and expansive project, creating the deeply personal and wonderfully triumphant, ‘Hunting Wendigos’." (Broken8Records, 2019)


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