Scorpio Overlord, Pt. 1 (Property tax Edition)- By LALO (2020)

Track 1: Killin Klowns

Track 2: I Hear You Paint Houses 

Track 3: A Bad Hit

Track 4: The Fourth Estate (feat. kali maliaco)

Track 5: The House

Strawberry ice Kream- By LALO (2020)

Track 1: StrawBerry ice Kream

Track 2: Good Looking Out 

Track 3: Break Me

Track 4: Free Throws (feat. Cel)

Track 5: Pass You

Find Me in My Abandoned Krib - by RoverBoyz Entertainment (2020)

Track 1: Go - LALO X Nuzzaci X Cel X Geoevol

Track 2: 13 Days - LALO X Nuzzaci

Track 3: Barnum Ave - LALO X Cel

Track 4: Megalodon - LALO X Quintana

Track 5: Alabama - LALO X Geoevol

Track 6: Last Lie - LALO X Nuzzaci

Track 7: Ain't Sweet - LALO X Cel X Geoevol

Perplexed Fantasy - by Jackson Nuzzaci (2019)

Track 1: Confused

Track 2: Blue Collar Dollar

Track 3: Empty Mind (feat. LALO)

Track 4: Life Is A Bitch

Track 5: I Am Not Lit

Bonus Track: Spookin

Hunting Wendigos - by LALO (2019)

Track 1: I'm Trouble

Track 2: One Two Three

Track 3: Scream

Track 4: Dancing With Ghosts 

Track 5: 150

Track 6: RIP

Track 7: I'm As

Track 8: Robert Johnson

Track 9: Oh

Mirage and Specter - by LALO (2019)

Track 1: Mirage & Specter

Track 2: Chirpity Chirp

Track 3: Down South

Track 4: Drippin the Juice

Track 5: Love is a Strong Word for ME

Random freestyles i made wit my brother - by jackson nuzzaci (2019)

Track 1: Shout (Feat LALO)

Track 2: Wasting my time

Track 3: Why.

The Month For Skeletons and Ghosts

- by LALO (2018)

Track 1: EGO

Track 2: No Man Like Me!

Track 3: Versace Bedsheets (w. Jackson Nuzzaci)

Track 4: Ghost Girls

Track 5: 2012

Hunting Season

-by LALO (2018)

Track 1: Reverie Jb 

track 2: Devil

track 3: Yeezy Boots

Track 4: Snap Streak

Track 5: Hunting Season

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