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Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. As for the 23 year old rapper/singer known as Jackson Nuzzaci, he  continues to look towards the future with his variety of styles.

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The album comes from a Hip-hop mindset, but it doesn’t stay strictly in that lane. For instance, “Blue Collar Dollar” is more Alternative Rock than Rap. Nazzuci’s vocals on that track remind me a bit of Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant. In a similar genre-tease, the chorus on “Empty Mind” has real Bluesy feel. Jackson matches that vibe with a rasp as he sings, “All I got is my heart and i put it in these songs.” (Static Dive, Smith, 2019)

Part of the infamous turned famous RoverBoyz group, Jack Nuzzaci is a young talent with a bright future. At just twenty years of age, he’s already become a champion of innovative sounds, pushing his rapping and singing in seemingly limitless new directions to create a future sound in every sense of the word. With a variety of styles to his name, and with his talents already proven through his previous EP and a string of single, Jackson is now looking to expand his reach and carve out a legacy of his own.
A polished and diverse addition to the Roverboyz growing legacy, there are enough classic sounds to make the EP a favourable release for hardcore rap fans, as well as enough originality to impress more contemporary listeners. (Broken8Records, 2019)

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